The dominion of water

The pond is no longer there but the natural and human footprints are still visible. The testimonies associated with its history are found throughout the area: the mine, the great engineering works that helped dry out the pond, and the irrigation canals, which still fulfil their function of channelling the waters towards the mine.

In L'Estany there are a large number of fountains, distributed across the whole area. They are located on the mountainsides and on the plain, and used to give a fundamental service to the population, a service which was both domestic and hygienic. La Font Vella or Les Eres and the Mig Prat fountains are two clear examples.

Water also plays an important role as a generator of energy. Although now poorly preserved or entirely transformed, the territory was provided with a set of flour mills.

Els recursos naturals i culturals existents ens permeten interpretar de manera creativa el paisatge cultural dominar per l'aigua i els elements que hi estan associats.


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