Welcome to Moianès!

Moianès is a clearly defined natural region. Despite covering a relatively small area and being surrounded by three distinct regions such as Bages, Osona and Vallès Oriental, it has a well-defined characteristic geography, distinct climatology, particular vegetation and ecosystems, a distinct and diverse economy, an original as well as still unknown cultural heritage, a rich and intense history, and a population with a personality of its own which has long earned the region considerable cultural and tourist interest.

Its privileged location, close to cities, though at the same time far-off, offers the visitor the chance to explore the forests or nature as well as the village streets and shops.


The Moianès Ecomuseum offers you the chance to see the region’s pre-industrial heritage sites in their original locations. Continue reading…

The main objective of Consorci del Moianès is the economic development of the towns and villages of the Moianès region by planning and implementing measures designed to provide an economic boost to the territory.