Sender del Soler de Terrades

From the town, we start the route by taking Carrer Rodors, which is also where we will arrive back. We carry on along the ridge path until we get to a cross within the forest. We head downhill towards the Soler de Terrades and Codinacs properties, where we will find the Rovira path which we take to the right. We pass by the Codinacs pond, a fork in the path leading to Rodors, and then pass the Rovira and arrive at the Perer property (if we carried straight on, we would get to the Perer Mill, where the GR 177 passes). We turn right here. We soon come to the first path along the way to our right, this is a shortcut which you could take but this would mean missing out on the most interesting part of the walk. Once we have started to go downhill, we take a path to the right which follows along the dry riverbed. Finally, we have a steep climb towards the crest of the mountain. Before arriving there, there is the shortcut leading towards the Perer farm. A bit further on, we find the cross we passed previously and to the left the path to return to L’Estany.


Llargada: 17 Km. Desnivell: 275 m. Durada: 4h. 30m. Dificultat: Moderada