The castle and the meander of the Calders river

A little over two kilometres away from Calders, on the other side of the deep river course, the remains of the castle tower over forests, fields and vineyards. It can be found by reaching the top of a 469m high conical hill, once surrounded by a meander of the river, which later changed its course. There remains the half-ruined tower, some important remains of walls and a structure identified as the old chapel of Santa Maria del Castell. Not only is it worth climbing the hill to see these evocative remains but also to contemplate the wonderful view. Towards the west, the Calders river winds lazily, tracing meanders, and flowing on towards the industrial lands of the Bages region.


Camí que surt entre el Km. 36 i 37 de la B-431. El camí arriba fins a la base del turó.

Longitud: 1º 59′ 38” Latitud: 41º 46′ 54”
Alçada: 471 m

Accés: fàcil

Observacions: Al peu del turó del castell hi passa un itinerari senyalitzat per la Diputació.