La Moianesa, SL

La Moianesa is a family business located in Moià manufacturing pasta since 1880.

We make and package traditional pasta on request for restaurants, residential homes, shops, supermarkets, food wholesalers, etc. We offer products ranging from macaroni, noodles, spaghetti and more traditional Catalan pasta to vegetable fussilli for summer pasta salads, or noodles with cuttlefish ink for the noodle rossejats (pasta cooked with fish broth).

We also manufacture pasta for a large number of companies distributing organic food. We make organic pasta from durum wheat, wholemeal durum wheat, spelt, or with vegetables or quinoa, among others.
We have also specialised in supplying special pasta to frozen food and preserved food manufacturers.


Responsable: Joan Andreu Soler

Elaborador i distribuïdor: Fàbrica de pasta: macarrons, fideus CCPAE

 Camí de la Planella, s/n (obrador) C. Comerç, 9 (botiga) | 08180 Moià

93 830 05 92