Santa Coloma Sasserra

The route starts at the north of the town, heading towards La Penyora residential area. Once the tarmac road finishes we will continue along the same path for 4.5km as it converts into a forest track.

We will pass the Taiadella masia to our right and we will cross La Penyora residential area. Santa Coloma Sasserra can be seen upon a hill. To get there we need to go up the hill, which doesn’t take long.
We will pass an oak forest, pastures, the Giol oak, the church and the cemetery, and further to the north the coal mines. The Giol oak is listed as one of Catalonia’s “monumental trees”.

We return along the same route we came.


Longitud: 4,5 Km. Durada: 1h. Dificultat: Baixa