Mas Torigues

Located in Santa Maria d'Oló, about 3km from the town centre, the house dates back to the 14th century and has been restored to conserve the architectural features of the Catalan farmhouses of the period.
Mas Torigues is surrounded by fields and forests and provides the seclusion for you to enjoy all those things we don’t normally have the time to do.

All the house’s spaces are different and are adapted to guests’ needs. Independent, self-contained spaces are available and accommodation can be booked for a space for 10 people – by whole floors or for the whole property. The house also has different communal halls spread across the three floors.

- Multipurpose halls: the house has two multipurpose halls designed to be adapted to any needs our guests may have – lunches, dinners, celebrations, business meetings, etc.
- Celebrations: the house also has a small, early 20th century chapel dedicated to the Mother of God of the Rosary. All types of events can be held here, for example baptisms, communions and weddings.
-Workshops: we periodically organise courses, workshops and other activities at the weekends. For example, the Fairy tales Weekends, which will bring you back to your childhood, sharing laughter and wonder with your children (workshops will be held for 4 families and up).


 Camí rural de Santa Maria d’Oló a L’Estany | 08273 Santa Maria d’Oló

 41º51’55” N / 2º3’1″ E

  676 048 897 | 676 04 00 81