Lluel Carnisseria

Times are changing and our priorities are too. Rather than wasting their time doing the shopping, people prefer to enjoy countless hobbies or simply chat in the park. This is why we have started a new website for you to place your orders instead of queuing at the butcher’s.

For those who do not know us, this is a family butcher’s and we sell chicken, veal, pork, lamb, kid, rabbit, etc. We also make sausages such as raw sausage, egg sausage, blood sausage or other traditional Catalan sausages (bull, bisbe, etc.)

Our shop is located in the centre of a small town, Castellterçol, situated 60km from Barcelona, and surrounded by nature. We also open on Sundays.

Finally, we would like to explain that our veal comes from a family farm s.a.t., La Bassola, which belongs to my brothers and is also located in Castellterçol. We can guarantee that the calves are provided with top quality feeding, since the farmers produce their own fodder and, as a result, the veal is tender and tasty.


Responsable: Lluis Bou i Elisabet Mas

Elaborador: Carnisseria

C. del Mig 7 | 08183 Castellterçol

93 866 62 73