La Violeta

La Violeta has been managed by four relatives and three friends ever since 1998, when the house where it is located, dating back to 1860, was finally renovated.

It has two dining rooms, a small one and a big one, with a capacity for 48 people, which will make any diner feel at home.
Our local area is rich in high quality produce such as truffles, honey, cheese, mushrooms and game, which enables us to offer elaborate dishes, full of flavour and contrasts.

Our dishes are thoroughly developed and freshly made, according to the standards of nouvelle cuisine, taking into account the quality of the ingredients and the taste that each element of the dish provides. Thus, our dishes are based on 3 elements: main element, garnish and sauce. Accommodation is also provided by La Violeta Hotel.


 Ctra. de Barcelona, 2 | 08183 Castellterçol

938 66 64 97