From Moià to the Vall de Marfà

This is a route that takes us deep into the Vall de Marfà (Castellcir) and gives us the chance to discover extremely special sites such as the Tosca chapel, the Brotons mill and Sant Pere de Marfà, among others.

From Moià, we head down along the Camí de les Creus and turn towards the Camí de Vila-Rasa. We carry on along the Camí de Vila-Rasa, and following the GR 3 we will soon find the first waterfall: El Salt Candeler, which doesn’t normally have much water. Further on though, we will see the waters of the Riera de Castellnou. We continue along the path, with the streams always to our left, with the Cingles de Montbrú to our right.

Around 3km further on, we find a path that goes down towards the Tosca chapel, the Gorg Estret and the Brotons mill. There is a chain preventing access to four-wheeled vehicles. There are not many markers showing the way to the chapel, just the occasional red arrow painted on a tree, but this path clearly leads us to the chapel, which stands out due to its white walls. We pay a visit to the chapel and then if we head back a little, shortly before the chapel we make a turn to the left and continue along a path that turns into a narrow track, touching the sides of the cliffs. We then arrive at the extremely beautiful Salt de la Tosca waterfall. On the other side of the stream, under a big rock ledge you can see the remains of the Molí de Brotons mill. A family of 8 people used to live there well into the 20th century, until a flash flood swept the house away, killing the whole family.

We then return to the Tosca chapel and go down towards the stream. On the way down we will see the ruins of the Molí de Marfà mill. Arriving at the Marfà stream, we cross to the other side (the water is only around 10cm deep). Once on the other side, we turn to the left and carry on around one hundred metres to visit Les Fonts de Marfà. We then go back along the way we came and take the path that leads from Moià to Marfà. We continue along the top of the plain where we find the Marfà house, and what used to be the parish church, Sant Pere de Marfà, and which today is a large henhouse.

The scenery here is fantastic, from below we can see the Marfà masia and the Sant Pere chapel on an area of flat ground above a cliff, and from above we can see incredible views of the whole valley.
We return the same way to the Tosca chapel and from there back to Moià.


Distància: 13 Km. Desnivell: 130 m. Durada: 4h. Dificultat: Moderada