El Colom

El Colom restaurant is located in the centre of Moià, in the square with the same name.
It is a small family restaurant, and our main aim is to provide professional service in a friendly and pleasant ambience. The capacity of the restaurant makes this possible, since we can attend 50 guests in two dining rooms, each with a capacity for 25 guests.
In the restaurant, which opened its doors to the public as a café in 1984, we have always regarded cuisine as the most important aspect, and we have been improving it over the years,

by updating it and making it more elaborate. After 23 years, in 2007, the place was completely renovated in order to offer a better service, and it opened its doors again as a restaurant only. We offer modern, though not minimalist, cuisine, with a personal signature, although traditional dishes can also be found.


Plaça del Colom, 10 | 08180 Moià

93 830 05 56