El Cau de Segimón

With direct contact with nature and within the centre of Santa Maria d’Oló, the accommodation offers privacy and peace with all the necessary everyday facilities.

Fully equipped, the house has a kitchen, dining room, double room (extendable), veranda, bathroom and outdoor terrace. In all, it has 70m2 of indoor space and over 100m2 of garden and allotment space.

To get the most out of your stay, El Cau de Segimón is recommended for couples with children, although the nature and size of the house means that there is space for up to 6 people to stay here.

As additional services, your stay could include an introduction to making handmade ceramics and we can also provide information on local cultural routes.


 Major, 2 | 08273 Santa Maria d’Oló

93 838 52 17 | 673 95 68 05